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Do you feel like you’re at a crossroad? You believe you should be taking certain steps but lack clarity on what next or how. Or you have been frustrated being on the same level and in the same space for longer than you desire and have been asking questions like; how can I move to my next level. How can I create the future I desire.

Unstuck will help you birth the change you seek – or didn’t know you needed. You’ll gain the resolve to leave stagnancy behind and chart a path toward growth, changing your story from ordinary to the extraordinary you desire


I did not know I was stuck. I thought I was doing well. This was an eye opener. Thank you

By far the best book I have ever read. I read it at a time when I was really seeking clarity on what next, I and got just that. Clarity on how to move

Unstuck Principles in chapter 6 & 7 are life changing. I like the recommendation of using them as a system and not in isolation.

Thank you Dr Fene for always trying to show us HOW! I fell into the category of the person described in chapter 1. I didn’t know I was actually not growing in other areas. This has changed my perspective.

My God!!! I have been stuck! I didn’t know. In tears. This has saved me

This book needs series of podcast to breakdown all that is in here. So practical and so many examples. I feel it should have been broken down to part 1 and part too. So much information

No matter how fast you go in the wrong direction, you will not arrive at the right destination. Wow!

I bought one for myself and another for my sister. She has ordered for her husband. Transformational!! Thank you for being vulnerable in this book. It helped to know that you also went through some of the challenges we are going through


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