Your session was the highest rated session of the conference! You delivered a great keynote and really hit on the messages that we focused our remaining time and sessions on. Your passion and energy got the event off to a great start! Thanks again

Yasmie Abd El Aziz - Conference producer IIA MENA 2022

Dr Fene has a charismatic presence, coupled with a genuine passion for the subject matter, made for a valuable experience for our attendees, reflected in their positive feedback.

We would be very happy to welcome Fene back as a speaker and hope to stay in touch!

Renuka Jhalli - Conference producer Tech show London 2023/2024

Dr Fene’s keynote came right after Michael Johnson, the Olympic gold medalist. This could have been challenging for anyone. But Dr Fene held his own and delivered an outstanding presentation at the conference. Will definitely be invited next year.

Ayça Apak - Programme Director - Infosec Europe conference 2023

Dr Fene is two words. Professional and exceptional when it comes to speaking. His keynote at the biggest security event in the Middle East for African governments was exceptional and received very positive feedback. Also so professional in the planning and build up to the event

Sandra Kuriakose Conference Producer - GISEC Dubai 2023

I had the immense pleasure of organizing the Benelux Cyber Summit with Fene as our lead panel moderator for the opening session. I can confidently say that Fene is an exemplary speaker who left an indelible mark on the event and all its attendees.

For my part as the producer, it makes my job much easier having a character like Fene onboard with the event, as it made planning his panel discussion a much smoother process while reassuring his panelists that they were in good hands. Punctuality is also a virtue I value in speakers, and Fene conducted himself professionally in this respect too.

From the moment he took the stage, it was evident that Fene is experienced in speaking in forums similar to our Summit. His mastery of the subject matter was reflected in thoughtful questioning of our panelists, and he effectively conveys complex ideas in a way that everyone in the audience could understand

We would be very happy to welcome Fene back as a speaker 

Matt Robertson - Benelux Summit Programme Manager UK/Amsterdam 2023

Dr Fene spoke on the Fourth industrial revolution and the impact in our world. He was the highest rated speaker at the event, with his ability to break down technical concepts into very relatable pieces. He has been invited for 3 years, back-to-back.

Olufunke Lawal - Customer Service Representative & Conference planner IIA Nigeria 2023

Dr Fene was everything we asked for and more. Not only did he engage and energize the crowd; he got a standing ovation and connected with them on their level. He delivered a laughter-filled keynote address with a powerful message. I loved the way he spoke to every meaningful objective and brought new material that was relevant to the event. Fantastic! Couldn’t be happier

Gurleen Rooprai Project Executive - CISO Forum Dubai 2022

Dr Fene an outstanding speaker at the conclave for 2022, with exceptional feedback from over 2000 attendees. He made my life as a producer very easy and I look forward to working with him again

Karan Kukreja Project Director - Cyber Warriors Conclave Dubai

He did a phenomenal job, and our team laughed, had fun, and learned a lot! We were most impressed by his ability to read the room, engage with his audience, and adjust his style to keep our team at the edge of their seats. Also, as an extra bonus, he was as personable off-stage as he was on-stage. Kept to time and an all-round professional. We highly recommend him!

Puja Kedia Conference Director - CyberX Series Africa and middle east

Dr Fene spoke at the ISMG Africa summit and we have since gotten him to speak in Europe and Asia due to his very good feedback from the audience and ease of working with him as a conference producer. He always brings ideas of how the session could be positioned better. Will recommend him definitely

Smruti Gandhi - Conference producer ISMG Africa

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