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Hello. I’m Fene Osakwe. A multiple award-winning tech professional, Startup investor, career coach, international conference speaker and Forbes published author. I have spoken at conferences and led teams in 24 countries across 5 continents and have a doctorate of Business Administration.

I started my career as a fresh school graduate and navigated my way across 3-multi billion-dollar companies, from entry level to specialist, middle management, senior management to Director level in 9 years. I have also mentored several young people to achieve the same, some in a shorter time.

In my new book titled climbing the corporate ladder with speed, You will learn strategies on how to set career goals, what to do to accelerate your career. How and when to change your career path, how to prepare for interviews at various levels and what the expectations are. We also talked about steps to take to becoming an industry leader in your field and when you’ve gotten to the top, how to start planning for retirement into wealth and not a pension

Whether you are a college graduate looking to start, a career professional looking to improve or change career path, or an executive planning for retirement, there’s something in here for everyone.

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13 reviews for Book Order: Climbing the Corporate Ladder with Speed

  1. Nike (verified owner)

    Great examples – Dr Fene was really vulnerable in this book. He exposed everything! WOW.
    There is hardly a principle to apply that does not have an example of how it was applied and the
    result. So, it’s really relatable and practical

  2. Sharon (verified owner)

    Starting the book, you can see yourself in the writers shoes. There’s something for every aspect of career. How to begin, how to decide your career path, how to change and when to change and how to make that transition easy. Really great book that will be talked about for a long time

  3. Tomi (verified owner)

    Very thought provoking book. Understanding power play in chapter five is my favorite.

  4. Isaac


  5. Moji (verified owner)

    Realistic – What I love about this book is how down to earth and easy to connect with, the
    principles were. You can start implementing most of them immediately

  6. Dolapo (verified owner)

    Very well written book by someone with a lot of experience clearly. The examples and stories
    bring it all home well done

  7. Samuel (verified owner)

    I have seen some people fall victim to what was explained in chapter 8. Not planning for retirement early and having regrets later. I like how the author balances career pursuit, but also with an exit plan – as you cannot work for ever. And the explanation given as to how to activate that plan, little by little is exceptional

  8. Osas (verified owner)

    Very thought provoking book. Understanding power play in chapter five is my favorite.

  9. Seth (verified owner)

    Priceless – This book is a manual for career people. It clearly is from an author who has climbed that ladder already. The details he goes to on each step in the career journey and what to overcome are priceless.

  10. Zainab (verified owner)

    Indeed, the secret of great men are in their stories. Wow! Anyone who knows people who areabout to give up because they have tried and tried, should send this book to them. It is a story of how you can rise from nothing to becoming and industry leader, following practical steps. I am
    so inspired!

  11. Dorris (verified owner)

    I love how “fast” this book reads. It is written in deliciously short chapters, meaning you will always finish one before closing the book. No searching for where you left off with the bookmark that looks as bewildered as you! The book is always so concise – there’s never any
    extra chapters or wasted words.

  12. Victor (verified owner)

    An extremely powerful story of an African who has chosen to share practical and implementable practices and principles for any career professional to be successful

  13. Sarah (verified owner)

    Very inspiring. Like wow.

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Climbing the Corporate Ladder with Speed


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